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At Redford Tire & Service, we’re here to help if you feel you’re having issues starting your vehicle. We’ll begin with an inspection of your alternator and starter, then run a diagnostic of the voltage between the vehicle’s battery, starter & alternator. If repairs are needed, we’ll recommend replacements with costs before beginning the services. 

Alternator Replacement and Repair in Redford, MI

Alternators are critical to the overall health of your vehicle. The alternator is what powers a vehicle's electrical system and charges the battery. An alternator problem will affect your whole vehicle. If you're experiencing any alternator symptoms indicating trouble under the hood, get it checked out at Redford Tire & Service. After a vehicle inspection, we can perform an alternator repair or replacement and get you back on the road in no time.


Look for the following car symptoms to check for alternator problems and battery problems.

  • Warning Lights: The warning light signaling alternator problems is often shaped like a battery or appears as "ALT" or "GEN".
  • Loud Noises: If the alternator belt or pulley becomes misaligned, a whining noise can occur. This is a sign the alternator could soon stop working.
  • Dead Battery: A battery that fails to charge or regularly dies can be a sign you need alternator repair.
  • Flickering Vehicle Lights: If the lights throughout your car begin to flicker or dim, that can be a sign of alternator problems.

If any of these alternator symptoms are present, save time and money by visiting Redford Tire & Service today — no appointment necessary. 

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